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Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!!

Welcome to Stewart's Military Antiques!!

Newest Additions

Newest Additions

US WWI Type Collar Disc, Machine Gun
Price: $25.00

Item #54412
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 64
Price: $20.00

Item #54411
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 47
Price: $20.00

Item #54410
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 30
Price: $20.00

Item #54409
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 17
Price: $20.00

Item #54408
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 4
Price: $20.00

Item #54405
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 3
Price: $20.00

Item #54404
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 2
Price: $20.00

Item #54402
US WWI Type Collar Disc, US 1
Price: $20.00

Item #54401
US WWI ID Tag, Field Hospital No.6
Price: $25.00

Item #54380
US WWI Messkit Spoon
Price: $6.95

Item #2926
Austro-German WWI Patriotic Pin
Price: $45.00

Item #54361
US WWII Victory Medal
Price: $12.00

Item #15616
Price: $12.00

Item #23281

News and Announcements

News and Announcements

New Inventory at Stewart's Military Antiques
The Yanks Are Coming!!!
Greetings All
Terri and I recently purchased a nice old collection of WWI US Army uniforms, including an Identified grouping to a USMC 5th Regiment Marine who served in combat in France in 1918. We will begin listing these this Friday the 4th of September, with 20 uniforms and the remainder scattered through our daily updates next week.
Lafayette, We Are Here!!!
Larry & Terri

Militaria from all countries and eras welcome

NOVEMBER 7, 2020
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
At The Holiday Inn
1600 S. Country Club Drive, Mesa, Az.
Southwest corner of Interstate 60 and Country Club Rd.
For hotel rooms copy and paste the following:®ionCode=1&hotelCode=PHXME&checkInDate=11&checkInMonthYear=052020&checkOutDate=14&checkOutMonthYear=052020&_PMID=99801505&GPC=AGM&cn=no&viewfullsite=true

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