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Search Result for: Most Recently Stocked Items [120 Days]

Search Result for: Most Recently Stocked Items [120 Days]

British WWI Military Cross, Cased
Our Price: $795.00

Item #37677
US WWII 541st PIR Airborne Oval Insignia,
Our Price: $35.00

Item #39416
US WWI Era Sweetheart Pilot Wings
Our Price: $45.00

Item #49014
US WWII Civilian Pilot Instructor Wing
Our Price: $225.00

Item #49012
British WWII RAF Enlisted Overseas Hat,
Our Price: $45.00

Item #49006
Canada WWII, Bendix Radio RCAF Gauge
Our Price: $45.00

Item #48990
US WWII USAAF Radio Compass, Bendix Mfg.
Our Price: $45.00

Item #48991
British WWII RAF Insignia and ID Tag Set
Our Price: $125.00

Item #48996
German WWI Ersatz Bayonet, 12 Inch Blade
Our Price: $95.00

Item #48972
Soviet WWII Order of the Red Banner 373017
Our Price: $250.00

Item #48978
German WWII Issue Marching Compass
Our Price: $95.00

Item #48980
Japanese WWII Soldiers Individual Bandage
Our Price: $65.00

Item #48981
US WWII Remember Pearl Harbor Button
Our Price: $25.00

Item #41525
German Post WWII Stag Handled Hunting Knife
Our Price: $65.00

Item #48953